Telene Farms Equestrian Centre
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321 McCallum Place, Lizella, GA (just outside of Macon, GA)

Telene Farms
your dream farm with 26 matted stalls with amazing lighting, each stall has drop down doors, and a swing out hay rack.  The facility also has an amazing tack room with built in tack lockers and a sink to clean your tack. The barn also has 4 hot/cold wash racks, a public restroom, 150 x 300 fenced arena, and 20 x 60 meter show dressage arena.  Home to hurricane evacuees, overnight boarding for show horses and any traveling horses.  Stalls are 12 x 12 and matted.  The dream farm which became a reality for Middle Georgia.  Easy access to I-475 at Macon GA.  Only 9 miles to the interstate.  Close to 3 colleges, Weslyan College, Mercer University, and Macon College, all which are 4 year colleges.  Weslyan College has an equestrian team, and we are close to the college.

Once a year we take our personal horses to Camp Wings which is a bereavement weekend camp with Psychologists etc.  The horses are a big part of the Camp and Camp Wings is dear to our heart.

We rescued 7 racehorses from the track and retrained and then rehomed them.  It was a fun endeavor and the horses were dear to our heart and rehoming them was difficult because we really didn't want them to leave. We really enjoyed these horses who had learned new things to do.  They are very smart but very quick to have a new life and they left holes in our hearts when they went to their new homes.  However we know they will be happy with their new owners, and each new owner had to be qualified homes that I knew I could go and visit them whenever we wished. 

We hosted the Bibb County 4-H Horse Program and not a single child owned a horse.  We taught them about horses, we let them ride our horses, and they left with a knowledge from A to Z about horses.  We hosted the camp for 3 years until the children moved on to school activities.

Hosting horse shows for organizations and community service has always been dear to our hearts along with horses and dogs.  What better life can you have...... and if you have been on the back of a horse, you know there is no greater feeling in the World!!

Telene Farms is located on 38 acres of lush Tift 44, with 4 5-acre pastures, 1 3 acre pasture, and 11 turn out paddocks around the barn.  Most of the turn out paddocks are 125' x 150', with the exception of 3 medical paddocks that are 75' x 125'.  Throughout the years University of Georgia Veterinary School has recommended us as a rehab facility for horses that need special care during their periods of rehabilitation.  We are proud to have been selected as a home for their Veterinary Rehab programs.

We have built in tack lockers which have a saddle rack and bridle holder.  It is wonderful to have a place with heat and air to place your tack.  The feed room has heat and air, and there is a public restroom in the middle of the barn.  So any amenity that you can think of has been accommodated.

Our stalls are 12' x 12' matted stalls with drop down doors, and swing out hay racks.  We traveled to show barns in Kentucky, Florida and Illinios and asked the barn managers what they would change about their facilities.  We incorporated their wish lists into our barn and built a beautiful 10,000 sq ft facility.  We positioned the barn so that is has a beautiful breeze flowing through it, and although each stall has an outlet for a fan, we have never had to use that amenity.  Each stall also has lighting that you could almost read by if you were sitting in the stall.  Each stall is also triple braced using bracing that was greater than barn standards.  The stalls easily can accommodate any warmblood no matter their height. We believe that life in a stall does not mean that stall time cannot be comfortable.  The comfort of our horses, and their happiness makes riding time much more enjoyable.  So the stalls were built for maximum comfort for the horses, and with better than standards for candlelight, the stalls are more enjoyable for each horse's owner.

The facility has a deck to the manure spreader in order to cut down handling of the manure and cuts down on labour time.  We believe that we would rather spend time with our horses instead of spending time on labour.  The deck to the manure spreader has a beautiful view of the horses as they enjoy their time in the paddocks surrounding the barn.

View of the paddocks surrounding the barn. Each paddock is approximately 125' x 150' so the horses having plenty of room to kick up their heels and have some fun, or just graze on the wonderful Tifton 9 GA certified grass.

View of the barn at nighttime.  We are lit up like a Christmas tree.  Every stall is lit, the wash racks are lit, makes for a beautiful view at night, along with having the best of lighting for the horses. There is not a better facility in middle GA and we are proud of the features that are incorporated into the building of the facility.  We believe in top notch, and building the best!

This is a view of the back of the barn in the fall. We have such a wonderful fall season, with a long beautiful change of leaves from their lovely green, to vibrant yellows and oranges and then eventually the drop of the leaves  in the winter time.  Middle GA is such a lovely place to enjoy riding and enjoy going to the nearby National Parks to Ride.  We are located only 30 minutes or so from the Oconee National Forest which is amazing for trail riding. So if you do not live in the area, then our facility is perfect for staying in the area and enjoy riding in the National Forests.  Since we also host overnight boarders then our facility is a beautiful place to park for a few days to just enjoy riding in Middle Georgia.  If you are looking for a new place to travel to when weather is rougher up north, then Middle Georgia is the perfect place to enjoy riding.  If you are also thinking about an area to travel the we are a perfect place to stay since we are only 10 minutes from Macon which hosts alot of historical sites, along with plays, and the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame.  We are only 74 miles from Atlanta, and being close to the I-475 by-pass allows easy access to the interstate for day trips to Atlanta. 

We also have wonderful arenas, a lovely m10 based fenced 150' x 300' arena to exercise your horse, train for events, or to just enjoy hacking out your  horse.  Pictured is All My Money a lovely thoroughbred that was a racetrack horse.  She enjoys her new life as a show/trail horse.

The above picture depicts a Horse Show with Dressage, along with Hunter Jumper Classes.  We hosted many shows over the years.

Take a look at our overnight boarding page, as we have very competitive rates, and we are very convenient the by-pass around Macon, Georgia, and there are even wonderful places to ride that are relatively close to our facility.   We are a perfect overnight stay, or a facility to stay several days.  We care deeply about your horses and after a trip our stalls and paddocks are the best in Middle Georgia.

If you are interested in boarding we have pasture boarding and stall boarding available to fit your needs, and as we have a very convenient location, we have found that we provide the best facility in the area.

Please enjoy our site, take a look at our community service as we truly believe that horses belong in community service and have a lot to teach people. 

Taken from our annual visit to Camp Wings a Bereavement Camp for children.  It's part of our community service and very dear to our heart.  Take a look at our community service page to see lots of happy children, that we have helped over the years.  We really enjoy giving back to the community and helping people of all ages.

No matter the breed, or discipline, your horse is welcome to our beautiful facility located in beautiful Middle Georgia.

Excellent Facility, Happy Horses, Caring People, 
Telene Farm is Middle Georgia's place to be!!!!

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